Birds-eye view of Niagara Falls
As predicted, a pair of CMEs hit Earth’s magnetic field in quick succession on Sept. 11th and 12th. The result was a G3-class #geomagnetic #storm, the most intense of the year so far. At the peak of the storm on Sept 12-13, bright #auroras ringed the Arctic Circle and spilled down over several northern-tier US states. The sky over Maine exploded in a rainbow of colors: #photos
Hi Tumblrians!
Salut mes amis, de retour parmi les geeks!
Greeting my friends, back among the geeks!
Namaste (‘was in south Corsica island, en corse du sud)
Spiritual Roots
Photo of the Day: a Buddha sculpture entangled in tree roots
(at Bangkok’s iconic Wat Mahathat temple.)  August 8, 2014 Photograph by Julian Bound, National Geographic Your Shot